BackStreet Boys: In A World Like This Tour (Dublin)

Important note: I apologize if you find some mistakes in this post in English, it is my first one >.< and I am just learning and improving my English (speaking and writing). Is for this reason I am living in Ireland. Thank you.


Last night I had the great chance to go to my second BSB’s concert: “In A World Like This Tour”in Dublin (Ireland).


The first one was “Millennium Tour” (1999) in Barcelona (Spain) – Someday I am going to speak about the BSB Millenium Tour, sure, I have to do it – I was only 12-13 years old and I went with my mother (she is a BSB’s fan too) to make my dream come true: “meet in person” after to be many years as a fan of them since I was going on primary school.

Although in Millenium Tour I could not enjoy as much as I wanted, in “In a World Like This Tour” I enjoyed from start to finish. I could sing, shout of hapiness, I was excited and even laugh with them because they were making jokes with each other and with the public. They was very close and loving with the fans that were near them, I loved this. As Isabel Genio said in the Spanish program in Antena 3 in “Sorpresa Sorpresa” (Surprise, Surprise in English) many years ago (maybe BackStreet Boys remember that day, and Nick Carter had a big surprise when appeared his little brother Aaron Carter): “They are loved by everyone because they have not changed, no like others”. Wow, she is right. Backstreet Boys have shown that the fame never control them in the past and ever after 20 years. They just went ahead, singing, and they knew that always have thousands and thousands of faithful followers worldwide in all this time. I am one of them and I am very proud of it.

Anyway, the last night BSB’s concert was very exciting, spectacular, nostalgic, funny, wonderful… I never will forget it, I felt so happý to met them again and enjoyed -as a little girl- their music, the most important and famous songs, and their show as  well.

The beginning was exciting, there is not another word to say it. It was not like as Barcelona but when I saw them like this at the beginning’s show….

… I felt so happy, I put a smile in my face and I thought: “Wow, finally I see you again, BSB. Long time no see, right?”, “You are still cool!“. I felt the same feeling when I was in my first BSB show In Barcelona. I can not explain because it is dificult but it is very nice: it likes as a complete happiness.

They sang a lot of songs as I Want It That Way, The Call, As Long As You Love Me, Larger Than Life, Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely, Quit Playing Games (With My Heart), Incomplete, Everybody (Backstreet’s Back), Shape Of My Heart, All I Have To Give, In a World Like This, I’ll Never Break Your Heart, The One, Show ‘Em (What You’re Made Of, Don’t Want You Back, We’ve Got It Goin’ On, Get Another Boyfriend, Everyone and Shining Star.

Except the new songs of “In a World like this” album, the others songs made me feel nostalgic and reminds me the good memories when I met them and my first concert when I went with my mother. During the BSB’s concert, I felt and remembered a lot of things; I’m a fan since 1996, when they were became known in Spain, and I was only 8 years old. Since then, I started to like them and promised to myself to be a faithful fan forever. During all these years, I have grown up with the BackStreet Boys. Furthermore, all my memories of them relived during the songs and between my emotions and memories I could enjoy and sing like never, as I know do, no matter that others might say about me. In fact, it is as if the people did not exist at that moment and I was alone with them enjoying the show. It was a lovely feeling. I could dance and sing all songs perfectly and completely, and I could enjoy the party night with BSB. Well, I can say that I felt younger than I really am, as a teenager… I think that I took about 10 years off xD

Actually, I don’t have words to describe the show. I can not. It is impossible. It was incredible. I want upload my video about this in my Youtube channel very soon and I will re-edit this post to put the link.

Photos here

Note: I am sure that I will be their fan until to the end of my days. When they come back to do more tours, I will be there. I promise.

Kevin, Howie, AJ, Brian and Nick: I do not know if you someday you will read this post, but I would like to say you: Thank you. Thanks for making me happy with your music, with your concerts, for how you are. You are so lovely and I love you so much. I hope that someday you and I will meet each other in person and will be able to have a conversation, I would like to say you all my feelings about you, a lot of things that always I wished to say you in person.

I am a Spanish girl from Barcelona, but I can speak English as well, so don’t worry jeje :D

Spanish (voiceblog): próximamente lo editaré y lo pondré aquí.


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